KS pub photo 4x5Kendell Shaffer has had a multifaceted career in entertainment, most recently working in VFX (visual effects) on ‘Knight and Day,’ a 20th Century Fox film. During the shoot she traveled with the film to Boston, Salzburg, Austria and Seville, Spain.

In  2007 she joined the WGA when she sold a TV pilot, ‘Downtown’ to ABC Studios and a TV movie, ‘Team Julia’ to Lifetime Television, both of which she wrote with her writing partner, Jefferson Eliot. In 2009, Kendell and Jefferson turned their TV pilot, ‘Affairs of State’ about interns on Capitol Hill, into a stage play, which was performed at Electric Lodge to sold-out houses.

She has been teaching screenwriting for the Writer’s Guild Foundation in their High School Screen Writing workshop, bringing screenwriting into inner city schools throughout Los Angeles. Her work with teens inspired her to write a YA novel, KALIFORNIA BLU, which she has just finished. It is the first of a series set in Venice, California.

She currently teaches writing workshops to teens and tweens through her own organization, Write This Way.

Kendell has been Associate Producer on the movie ‘Sirens’ for Showtime; ‘King of the World’ for ABC; ‘Nash Bridges,’ ‘Orleans,’ and ‘Texarkana’ for CBS. She’s worked as Graphics Supervisor on ‘CSI:NY,’ and Visual Effects Supervisor on ‘VR.5,’ ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,’ and ‘Titanic,’ the CBS mini-series. She put in her time with Roger Corman in the art department on four Concorde-New Horizon movies, and was set decorator for various music videos and commercials. She is a voting member of the Writer’s Guild Guild, Television Academy of Arts and Sciences and an annual judge the Scriptwriters Network Screenwriting Competition.

Currently she can be found at Jasperlark.com where she is partners with Jefferson Eliot in their Design + Writing business.

In addition to spending time with her family, she is co-founder of Garage Band Venice, a musical jam where kids learn to play music together in individual bands.

Kendell is a graduate of New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. She is a former dancer and grew up in Baltimore, the daughter of two ballet dancers. She plays the drums and raises bees on her roof.