KAL BLU ~ Meet Victoria Le Claire


Regine Zylberberg , once dubbed Queen of New York by the New York Post. It’s said she ran over 50 night clubs in her lifetime.

She’s an inspiration for Victoria, a character in my novel, Kalifornia Blu. But the original inspiration comes from Audrey Herman, founder of Spotlighter’s Theater in Baltimore. I started doing theater there when I was twelve and spent the rest of my childhood in her black box theater. Audrey was old when I met her in the late 1970’s. She was small and wore high heals and tons of gold bangly bracelets. She had a real smokers voice and a high blonde wig. She owned the apartment building where the theater was housed in a basement next to a flower shop and barber. The theater is still there, but Audrey passed away several years ago.

My character Victoria is an ex-playboy bunny. I’ve always had a fascination with ex-showgirls, bunnies, and vaudeville performers. Maybe growing up in Baltimore, so close to the famous Block, and going with my mom to have her costumes made where strippers had their costumes made began the fascination.

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