KAL BLU: Japanese Translation in Progress

IMG_5897 IMG_5296The first draft of the KALIFORNIA BLU translation into Japanese is finished. I had the funnest meeting with the translator (who wishes to stay anonymous) on Friday. She came to the meeting with file cards noting areas of question. Mostly about how to interpret expressions like, “chill” and “slade-fit”. We went through the entire book page by page. She high-lighted all the locations in blue and all of her questions in orange. She asked how to interpret “the boys the bees and the STDs.” She knew what STDs were, but never heard the expression “birds and the bees” before, it’s not used in Japan. One of my first readers of KALBLU, a teenager, told me her favorite line was “the boys the bees and the STDs.”

I’m learning details about Japanese books, for example, the book traditionally would have no description on the back cover. And no pictures either. Amazon has recently opened up to the Japanese market and I’m looking forward to this new release!

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