kal bluKALIFORNIA BLU by Kendell Shaffer

YA novel released Summer, 2013


Arrested for skateboarding at three o’clock in the morning at the Venice Beach Skate Park, Kalifornia Blu’s life takes an unexpected turn when her rock star absent mom doesn’t show up at her sentencing hearing. To avoid a trip to Juvenile Hall, she tracks down her dad–whom she hasn’t seen since she was eight. The sentencing judge thinks a bit of discipline will be good for Kalifornia and transfers her to a Police Academy Magnet High School, where the students wear LAPD uniforms, learn police drills and practice forensics. And, she’s forced to live with her ex-skateboarding, ex-guitar playing, ex-dad Zachary, in his run-down Venice loft with a 6 pm to 6 am curfew.

It’s not an easy sentence for a girl who has grown up touring with her
mom, living in five-star hotels all over the world.

Curfew is tough, but Kal is tenacious. When she discovers her cop school
partner, Jade, is being threatened by her ganglord cousin, Kal skitches
(skateboard hitches) a Range Rover through the Venice canals to save
her. She rescues a young girl from an evil mom with Jade’s help.
It’s a rough world she’s thrown into, with some dangerous people… and
a few new friendships, discovered in the most unlikely places.


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.39.48 PM

THE BUN TEST by Kendell Shaffer

MG novel to be released Summer, 2014


Twelve year old Acacia isn’t at all happy that her little brother has been scouted by Russian ballet master, Nikolai for a lead role in the upcoming Nutcracker. Eleven year old Phoenix isn’t too happy either. None of this would have happened if their father wasn’t in Dubai designing the world’s biggest theme park and their mom didn’t have to leave Phoenix at the dance studio while his sister rehearsed. But Phoenix seems to have a natural gift for ballet, one that surprises even him. Things get a bit more tolerable for Phoenix at the ballet school when his best friend, Laura, who he hasn’t seen since second grade joins the studio. But Acacia isn’t happy when she finds out Laura is up for the role of Clara, the part Acacia has been preparing for her whole life.


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