KAL BLU ~ Location: Kalifornia Blu’s Penthouse


Years ago I got to house sit in this fab apartment building overlooking Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. You park on the top of the building and take a glass elevator down to your floor. I stayed on the tenth floor and there was only one other apartment on the floor. So when the elevator door opened there were only two doors to chose from. The other door on my floor belonged to a Japanese pop star. I barely saw her, she was exhausted whenever I did. This was her LA pad and she was never there. There was mostly no one ever there. No one in the beautiful pool on the ground level that overlooked the Santa Monica mountains. No one in the big jacuzzi. No one in the parking lot. For such a big place, it was usually empty. When I was looking for a place for Kalifornia and her mom to live in, I remembered this place. Perfect for a girl who likes to live alone.


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