IMG_3274Just loving the faces of these kids. So proud today as they heard professional actors read their scripts. Jonathan wrote a 19 page script. His teacher told me she had never received any work longer than two pages from him. Valerie wrote a horror film script, which had us all terrified. She rewrote it from scratch after her first version was blown off her computer. BACK UP YOUR WORK, PEOPLE! But she was a pro, did not complain, rewrote it and turned in a stellar script. Jose has physical and learning disabilities. He volunteered to read every time we read out loud in class even though his voice was barely audible. He has a shadow, who works with him, and he can barely walk without her although he joined us on stage without help. I have never seen him stand up so strong and proud. Mark is 14 and bright eyed. He wrote a script called SEX TRIP, which had us all laughing so hard. It was about a geek who met a girl online who said she would help him lose his virginity, although she lived in Tenesse. So he and his buddies took a road trip and along the way crashed their car and were rescued by an Amish man. His comic timing was off the charts. What a future this kid has. Alexandra wrote a touching story about a boy who was in jail for manslaughter and set out to change his life. And Alyndy wrote a strong tale about cutting. Once again, a dream day. I am so lucky that I get to work with all these talented kids.









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